Who we are

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures (WRNV) is a locally rooted developer that brings disused buildings into use and turns them into mixed use spaces where local people can live, work and thrive. 

Our mission for White Rock

White Rock has long been one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the UK and vulnerable to a growing lack of affordable space.

As rents rise across Hastings, we offer capped rents to our tenants, giving them the security they need to achieve their potential. We facilitate their involvement in managing the spaces, encouraging them to shape their experience and place. 

Our work has sparked a whole ecosystem of community businesses, now collaborating to tackle the twin challenge of dereliction and gentrification from the bottom up.

We see all the organisations we work with in White Rock as tools in the box to achieve a collective mission. This mission centres on capped rents, community ownership and a culture of shared values

Our development approach  

  • We believe it is possible to improve the neighbourhood without destroying its unique character or displacing current residents and businesses, by ensuring there will always be affordable spaces for living, working and community action.
  • We are entrepreneurial, agile and well-connected. We take the risks that are needed in the early years in order to create stable-state community assets for the long term.
  • All our work aims to remove buildings from the dominant ownership model which prioritises owner profits over tenant interest and control. Instead of a focus on putting up rents rent and growing profits, we offer capped rents and community self-management.
  • We are committed to maximising the learning, sharing and life-changing opportunities presented by the redevelopment and the future uses of the building.
  • We use a phased organic approach to development as in our successful redevelopment of Rock House, which saw the spaces coming to life from vacant possession in October 2014 to successful, profitable and sustainable by April 2018. This approach allows for fundraising in phases over time, provides revenue streams at the earliest possible stage by progressing floor by floor (see below diagram) and gives incoming tenants the chance to shape the space and become part of the development team.